Online store for "Fashion Stories"
«Fashion Stories» is acknowledged market leader in sphere of women's accessories in Russia and the CIS countries.

For 10 years of work, our company has studied the target market requirements and following modern fashion trends produces the most popular collections of women's accessories and jewelry every season.

Our design team created the original online store for the "Fashion Stories" as user-friendly as possible.

Look further to see what way we have created it.

The company's concept is to meet all customer preferences. We have taken this into account in our work and have designed our collections, dividing them by female psycho-types, so that each woman could be inspired and choose the accessories according her own preferences.
We omitted to use standard solutions — we have linked shopping cart to the webpage to make desired products visible in front of your eyes, we thought over non-standard presentation of price tags and banners, as well as brought to the main screen of the collection, "Fashion Stories" is best known for.
The catalogue and shopping cart
We have not just created a stylish catalogue page — we have surveyed the customer preferences at online store. These data have led to a new catalogue with a used-friendly filter tool. At first, a user can choose a class of goods and point a determined filter. This can simplify the site using and choice of favorable accessory.
Our decision is a shopping cart linked with the site page. It helps view the chosen goods not quitting the page and promotes a customer to purchase as much as the user has always got a picture of desired jewelry.

Company cooperates with other online store,
so there is a possibility to point a necessary goods quantity that helps simplify the bulk purchase.
Adaptive Web Design
It is a commonplace phenomenon when the mobile version is greatly simplified so as limiting the user actions.
We have kept the site style and all its functions. Due to the well-considered design, the user can easily make purchases using any mobile device.