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BIGBON«Mareven Food Central» is the largest instant food producer. Brand portfolio of Mareven includes well-known trademarks such as «Rollton», «BIGBON», «PETRA» и «Mareven Food Professional».

Marven has more than 400 distributors throughout Russia and CIS, which constantly make wholesale orders. Because of outdated technology the processing and making orders were taking too much time. We had a task: to create a platform where the distributor of the company could make orders, track the status of an active order, have access to the order archive, to see the plan of targets achieved, familiarize with the new company products.
The main task was to think over the checkout process. We were deeply engrossed in this process: we held interviews with distributors from different regions, we were observing the whole application processes and were carefully recording them. Colleagues were very willing to tell us about the processes and what they lack. The experience was incredibly useful.
The prototype was being created by several iterations and was being tested in detail by users and finally the best option was found.
Home page displays a dashboard with user indicators such as comparative data with the previous year, the plan performance for the current month, the status of loyalty and financial performance. There are two tapes with products below: products and promotions.
Home page
Initially, the order processing was conceived as an online store with product cards, filtering and a separate cart page and checkout page. As a direct result of interviews with distributors and testing our prototypes with them, it became clear that this model didn't not work at all. Product cards filled too much space, product photos were completely unnecessary as distributor is aware of the name and number of the catalog desired product. A shopping cart page complicated the editing process - you had to switch to the shopping cart and back to the order every time.

Therefore, they developed a multipurpose page that includes the follow: a products list, grouped by type and hidden in drop-down lists, filtering by type, shopping cart and checkout.
Order processing
In the right panel online you can see the degree of making out an order by two indicators: logistics and finance. After the adding to the cart, products disappear from the list, and you can edit the cart.

You can point the address and the delivery date in the top panel, so there is no checkout page. Everything is at the same place that it is incredibly convenient for customer.
It was decided not to refuse the catalog.

We have developed a convenient catalog with filtering by type of offer, product category and brand for new partners who are not so familiar with the products. You can see the number of characteristics to each product and in the product card on the preview, also you can select the desired characteristics and add the product to the order.

We have developed the page with the grid of current and completed orders. It is easy to track every current order by its status. If the order requires confirmation or improvements, there comes a notification. They form offers with frequently ordered products based on from previously completed applications at the page «Favorite orders». You can order and postpone it to a convenient date at the «Order Plan».
In a personal account distributor can switch between different legal entities, if he has several of them. It is very convenient as there is no need to remember a lot of logins and passwords, you can use the same login for all your companies.
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