The future
of medicine is now!
Brand new medicine from MobiApp. Now the medicine will not be the same. Fully updated style, revised scripts, new functionality. Stop waiting, go to the App store, and download!
1. Customer
MobiApp medical services
MobiApp is the first medical service in Russia, which combines telemedicine and expanded range of services offline clinic and the first real mobile medical record in Russia.
2. Task
To develop a fundamentally new medical service
The task of the MobiApp is

To provide the necessary medical services and store all the patient's medical information

To develop short and easy scripts for customer convenience

To revamp the appearance, to make the design relevant and modern, without being tied to the aggressive medical colors and style of competitors
3. Solution

To develop a system for separating telemedicine services and offline clinics, and consolidate all medical data from both channels in one place

To develop a user-friendly interface not like the usual medical service in blue / magenta colors

To use the visual style of modern European design and smooth interface animation at each stage
Conceptual design
We are glad to bring to your attention the new application called MobiApp –– all the work of the clinic in one application: online fixing an appointment, the results of the medical analysis, counseling, medical record and all necessary documents
Easy, simple, light,
and responsive design
Welcoming screens
The creation an animation is a rare thing in designing a welcoming screen. This is an important part of the design system, which increases the product quality and customer loyalty
Clinics & Telemedicine
Changing the appointment type in one click
Quickly changing the appointment type on the homepage at a touch.

Request an appointment for a clinic or online
There is no possibility to enroll in the clinic after the consultation, there is no quick change of appointment

Med record
Medical record 3.0
Medical cards as a calendar of visits
Regardless of the type of appointment, all user visits are recorded in a calendar order and are available in one tab. Filtering of appointments by different needs
Where are my medical certificate and medical analysis?
The user in different situations needs Offline appointments and medical analysis. There is no common base and the entire history of visiting clinics
Appointment history
The entire history of appointments, regardless of the specialization of the doctor, clinic or type of appointment
The notes of doctors
Advice, references of a doctor, as well as all prescribed medications in the medical record
Medical and sick leave certificates are at the same tad with the ability to print or to send to an e-mail
Medical analysis
Access to reports, x-rays, medical certificates and other documents in one place
New scenario
Request an appointment
3 ways
Let a user take a decision on your own:
- Do you need a recurring request an appointment?
- Do you have a favourite clinic?
- Do you need a certain doctor?
You can choose any way in just 1 click
Different requirements problem
It was found that the users have more difficulties in a standards request an appointment form
Запись через
специализацию врача
Выберите специализацию врача
Пользователю доступен список врачей всех специализаций из разных клиник. Ему необходимо только выбрать врача и приложение покажет ближайшие места, где можно записаться на прием
Выберите клинику
После выбора специализации выберите любую клинику исходя из ее локации, рейтинга или вашей избранной клинике. Если вы не знаете клинику, проведите влево по экрану и вам будет доступна подробная информация для более обдуманного принятия решения
Дата и временные слоты
Все тем же жестом по экрану пользователь сможет узнать подробную информацию о враче, выбрать избранных врачей и после выбора времени приема ему остается только подтвердить запись!
Запись через
нужную клинику
Выберите клинику
Пользователю необходимо только выбрать клинику по предложенным параметрам и приложение покажет всех врачей по разным специализациям
Выберите специализацию врача
Далее необходимо выбрать специализацию врача в выбранной клинике. Для удобства в приложение загружена подробная информация о специалистах: рейтинги, сертификаты и дипломы
Дата и временные слоты
После этого пользователю остается определиться с датой приема. Если у него возникают сомнения, он может провести пальцем влево и еще раз ознакомиться с подробной информацией о враче и клинике
The clinic choice
A user need to choose a clinic according to the parameters and the app will display all the medical specialists.
The medical specialist choice
Further, it is necessary to determine with a medical specialist at a chosen clinic. For convenience, the app will display the detailed medical specialists' information: rating, certificates and degree.
An appointment with a
certain doctor
Style guide
Design Systems
There is a need in a system.
During app design system development modularity was used as the core principle. The selected components development provide more user-friendly realization and support.

Super team
Our team
Artem Malgin
Art director
Aliia Khairova
UI designer
Aleksei Evdokimov
Product manager
Thank you for your attention
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