— Project Task
The project is aimed for self-service of large corporate customers. Customers should be able to create orders through the website and their own ERP systems, taking into account all the rules, allowances, discounts, penalties, pricing features and unique prices.

To simplify customer service business process and provide new level service. To refuse to manually processing of all exceptions. To combine program section into one, reducing royalties.

In the space of a month — to set up a project with the integration of SAP, MVP on the original version of the design.
In the space of two months —to set up a project with the full described functionality. To provide first customer inclusion.

In the space of further six months — to develop, refine and support the project to provide services to all customers. To debug all the business processes in the account and take into consideration all the complex and rare cases.
Financial information, company names and other information are demonstration and they violate the confidential information of the customer.
Credit limit and
financial information
In the presence of credit facility agreements and agreed payment schedules, it is extremely important to be able to provide and make transparent all agreements in your personal account. This simplifies interaction with counterparties, enhances payment discipline and it helps to avoid conflict situations.
Commercial offers
Using Magento 2, a user can gain the special commercial terms offers for some projects without the sales manager consulting. The special conditions depend on a very complex logic integration between Magento and the internal SAP system.
The best search in the world: an instant companies change
Using Magento 2 B2B, you can view all the information regarding your legal entities, departments and managers. You can choose a customer responsible, a manager for each company, and a legal entity for orders.
Mobile APP
— To Save Everything!
We have a high ambition to keep the functionality 100% and the project desktop version whereas a used-friendly and intuitive interface. The user can complete any target action in 2-4 clicks.

We have done it!
— Request position
You can see the business process and order flow diagram on the Magento 2 page. This way can be unique for each rules set and reflect real transitions in order processing.

Some positions require a customer confirmation. In such cases, the customer receives an E-mail notification automatically.
Ordering information on a screen
Head of Design | UI/UX — Артем Мальгин
для бизнеса